Gigi Cogo Social presence

social presence

list (in progress) of my social profiles

Network Typology Usage My 2 cents
linkedin Linkedin high Killer and must have
eurocv EuroCv high Standard EU curricula
plaxo Plaxo R.I.P. Was professional contacts manager
visualcv VisualCV low CV manager low Linkedin summary
xing Xing low Redundant
viadeo Viadeo low Redundant
naymz Naymz R.I.P. Was professional contacts manager
unyk Unyk R.I.P Aquired by Viadeo
google Google profile high Social search and vanity
google Remote low Job search and professional network
google F6s low Where founders grow together
Edu networks
academia Academia high Best edu network
kunerango ico Duolingo low Language course management and network
Landing pages e identity R.I.P 2017 R.I.P. high Business card and Landing page
photo Strikingly high Personal branding page
gravatar Gravatar high Avatar management
ClamID R.I.P 2013 R.I.P.
Social networks
Facebook high Killer
Twitter high Killer
Multiply R.I.P 2013 R.I.P.
Orkut R.I.P 2014 R.I.P.
MySpace low Was killer, now is a kind of web radio
Zooppa low Network for real creative
Netlog low 2018 R.I.P.
Ning R.I.P. Was a network and now is a site builder
Diaspora low Useful, but maybe not
Ello low Minimalist without adv
Geotagging and maps
Openstreetmap OpenStreetMap low I promise to analyze it more deeply in the future
Foursquare high Was killer but now, is only Yelp competitor
gowalla Gowalla R.I.P. Aquired and then killed by Facebook
Brightkite R.I.P Was the first, and was amazing ...
Yelp low Useful but not in my country
Mapillary low Crowdsourced map community
Gyroscope low Place tracking and more
Social food
gnammo Gnammo low Social eating, Italy based
2spaghi 2spaghi R.I.P. Was the best and largest food reviews network in Italy
Foodspotting R.I.P Aquired by Opentable
Oreegano low Italian food community recipes
vivino Vivino high Wine lovers killer app
vivino Cellar tracker high Wine cellar
untappd1 Untappd medium Beer sharing and rating
Slideshare high Must have slide sharing service
Haikudeck low Similar to Slideshare but much more expensive
Scribd high Killer sharing document service
Issuu low Similar to Scribd but less popular
Calameo low Digital pubblications and document
Prezi low I promise to analyze it more deeply in the future
Listly low Useful to curate and pubblish lists
News and content management
flipboard Flipboard high Best content discovery and publishing service
nuzzel Nuzzel high News from my filter bubble
pocket Pocket medium Saving content for reading later or for sharing
Digg low Content news
Visual collection & curation low Was killer, but now Pinterest is the standard
Stumbleupon low Mooved to MIX
Rebelmouse low Was social aggregator. Now a kind of CMS but too much expensive medium Killer Content Curation service, but much expensive
Summify R.I.P. Summify was a social news aggregator. Acquired and killed by Twitter
Storify high R.I.P. 2018 medium Social Digital magazine
unnamed ZEEF low Useful as link catalog
Pinterest medium Content marketing, bookmarking, and publishing
Gentlemint low Discover and discuss the manliest content on the Web
Tweetedtimes low Visual Twitter aggregator
Tagboard low Hashtag aggregator low Content creation and sharing
Canva low Nice place where create visual content
Books sharing
Anobii low Bookshelf, reviews and sharing
goodreads Goodreads low Largest book readers community
Photo sharing
VSCO high App and community of creative photographers
Google photos high Was Picasa, now Google photos (public collections via G+)
Flickr high Killer app and widest community
Instagram high Killer
Photobucket low Amazing service, but only 10 GB for free
Ink361 high Instagram broker
Zooomr R.I.P. Was one of the coolest site for photographers
Photoblog low Photoblog service
Panoramio R.I.P. Now Google+
pullfolio Pullfolio low Portfolio Flickr based
Flickriver high Flickr viewer
500px high Amazing community
youpic low Community and contests
imgur Imgur low Unlimited virtual disk space
fotopedia Fotopedia R.I.P. Was a photo encyclopedia
unsplash Unsplash low CC0 paradise
Ipernity low Never understood mission and vision
Exposure low Photo digital story telling
Maptia low Photo digital story telling
Pixieset medium I'am using it for Venice pic only
Viewbug low Photo contest network
Video sharing
Vimeo low Easy, popular and useful to share video content
YouTube high Killer
Blip.Tv R.I.P. Was a media platform for web series
Qik R.I.P. Aquired by Skype
pfta069p_normal Periscope low Was killer but Facebook and Instagram wins
Magisto low Digital stories from photos and videos
Music and podcasting
iTunes high Killer low Mp3 streaming and collections
lastfm LastFm low Was the standard for many years
Deezer low Streaming music service
Zune R.I.P. Was podcasting service, now XBOX
iLike R.I.P. Was a service that allowed users to download and share music
jamendo Jamendo low Indipendent artists network
soundcloud SoundCloud low Useful for my podcast
iMeem R.I.P. Acquired by Myspace R.I.P. Acquired by Seesmec
Spreaker high Social radio or podcasting
Podbean low Podcast service
poddirectory-146x150 Poddirectory low Podcast service
Wavelengh low Build playlist in a live chat
Anchor low Audio station, postcasting and social
Travel and maps
Dopplr R.I.P. Was the first
Tripit high Trip planner
Tripadvisor low Booking and reviews
Trippy low Social Trip planner by advice
Alltrails low Social travelling and GPS tracking
Tripwolf TripWolf low Better with smartphone app
Tripline high Trip storytelling
Gogobot R.I.P. Acquired by Skyscanner
Wordpress high Killer
Blogger high Killer
Tumblr low Useful, minimalist, popular
Posterous R.I.P. Acquired by Twitter
TypePad low One of the firsts blogging plattforms
medium Medium high Best place where easily write on the web
notegraphy Notegraphy low Notes, short articles, not a blog but a place where to write quickly
News aggregators
Netvibes low Basic rss aggreagtor
Seemic R.I.P. Acquired from Hootsuite
Technorati R.I.P. Was the largest blog directory
Streamy R.I.P. Maybe RIP, maybe not...and aggregate stories
IntenseDebate high Killer
disqus Disqus low Best in town
Backtype medium Acquired by Twitter
Media & Streaming
Mogulus low Now Lifestream R.I.P. Was social television
Miso R.I.P Was social television
Ustream low Live streaming
Boxee R.I.P. Was first social tv. Now is a part of Samsung Company
mubi Mubi medium Movies discover, review and straming service
Reputation monitoring
brandyourself= Brandyourself medium Personal branding page and monitoring
KloutR.I.P. Was a social influence monitor and content sharing
Helth and fitness
Myfitnesspal Myfitnesspal medium Health and diet monitoring
Runtastic low Fitness tracking
Gyroscope low Sensors and tracking aggregator
IM and others
Telegram high Useful for chat and bots
Icq low Was the first in chat, now managed by Mail.Ru Group
Zoom high Useful for chat and bots
Friendfeed R.I.P. Acquired by Facebook
Upcoming R.I.P. Was a social event calendar website
github Github low Code and projects sharing
meetup Meetup low Used to plan offline meetings for people interested in various activities low Petition website
typeform Typeform low Form on line generator
patreon Patreon low Creators and creatives network
patreon Houzz low Interiors design network
patreon low Professional charts and infographics
sarahah Sarahah low Drop anonymous messages
Evensi Evensi low Events management
doodle Doodle low Meet me!